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Thoracic Arches

TA-4 Thoracic Arch

View our comprehensive selection of thoracic arches in our online catalog.

Prescribe Traction For Use At Home

Send your patients home with one of our wedges and some traction weights for an effective program to reintroduce curvature to the neck.

Chiropractic Exercise Wedges

Chiropractic Wedges

We offer several varieties of firm foam wedges, for use in your clinic or to send home with a patient.

We care about chiropractors.

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DCs are our most valued customers. Learn more about the great benefits of ordering from Harrison Chiropractic Supply.


Our Product Selection
for Doctors and Students of Chiropractic

Below you'll find our quality selection of chiropractic equipment and supplies. We carry traction weights, traction harnesses, and against-a-wall adjustment accessories. We are also proud to provide a broad selection of precision-cut chiropractic foam at competitive prices. This line of products includes: chiropractic blocks, chiropractic fulcrums, knee support blocks, lumbar supports, chiropractic wedges, chiropractic pillows, and back arches for kyphosis treatment or therapy. Some of our products may be used by doctors for rehabilitation or physical therapy.

Product Categories

To view images, prices, and other details about our product line, select a category below.

How to Order

If you are new to Harrison Chiropractic Supply, feel free to browse our online catalog. When you're ready to order, give us a call at 1.800.525.6634 or 253.735.5139 and we will quickly set up an account for you and process your order. We answer calls between 9am and 1pm Pacific Time, but feel free to leave your order by voicemail. We will process your order by the next business day, and we will call you back if we need any more information.

You may also call to request a paper copy of our product guide.

A Note About Our Prices

Because you are a chiropractor or chiropractic student (if you aren't, click here), Harrison Chiropractic Supply is proud to offer you wholesale prices on all of our products, volume discounts, and other great perks. The prices listed in this catalog apply to orders you place by telephone, and on these orders you will always pay only the exact UPS shipping fee for delivery within the U.S.

Online order at wholesale prices for DCs is coming soon!