Two-Directional In-Office Cervical Traction System Setup

When you purchase items for your bi-directional cervical traction system, we will send you a protocol with your order. Designed by Glenn R. Harrison BA, DC, FICA


For one self-constructed, in-office, two-directional traction setup you will need:

  • T-2DB > This two-directional back pull harness pulls from the forehead, not from the jaw area. The T-2DB is excellent for use with TMJ patients, and it has thick padding for the underarm area.
  • T-2DF > The T-2DF is our two-directional forward pull harness, with a padded neck area. It goes behind your patient’s neck and pulls forward. A D-ring on each end attaches to a snap hook.
  • T-ODH > Standard over-door traction head halter, white.
  • T-SB > Metal spreader bar.
  • T-BB > Chair back board 15″ x 20″ x 1″ thick. Padded with black vinyl cover. May also be used as an anterior thoracic adjusting pad for your adjusting table.
  • TW-10 > Four ten-pound weights.
  • TW-7 > Two seven-pound weights.
  • TW-5 > Two five-pound weights.
  • TW-3 > Two three-pound weights.
  • The following items are available at any hardware store:
    • Nylon cord (1/8″ diameter is good)
    • 10 eye screws
    • 2 open eye screws to hang weights on
    • 6 snap hooks (must be large and durable so they can hold 30 lb or more)
    • 3 quick links (approximately 1″ long)
    • 2 pulleys
  • You will also need:
    • 1 straight back chair
    • 1 plastic floor mat to protect carpet